Security Cameras

Always Vigilant

When it comes to the security of your multi-unit development, you never want to be left in the dark. That’s why Mantle Security works to ensure your unit is equipped with high-quality video surveillance technology.

Mantle Security only installs time-tested, trusted brands that provide you with the durability and clarity that you expect. Our team can work to design a system that fits your needs whether it’s covering a duplex, a high-rise apartment complex, or if you need to cover an entire multi-unit development. Every system that we install provides 1080p or better clarity to ensure that your system gives you the detail that you need when it matters most.

Mantle Security cameras allow for many advanced features including the ability to view and manage live video from your browser, manageable, easy-to-filter video records, and video software analytics which allow the system to detect motion and other suspicious activity.

Securing Every Corner

Mantle Security will provide your company with only the highest quality products in surveillance camera technology. But it’s not just the quality of the cameras that is important, it’s the adaptability of the cameras and the surveillance system which will defend your units like no other.

To make sure our camera systems meet your specifications, our team will collaborate with you to best optimize your system to your advantage. We will take into consideration the optimum amount of cameras, types of cameras, and best positioning so that no stone is left unturned. Allow us to grant you the vision necessary for maintaining safety throughout all areas of your workplace.

Mantle Security is fully committed to designing, installing, and maintaining your security system so that you will always be in the know of everything happening at your development.

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